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Home automation systems refer to all such systems, whether used as a single application or as integrated solutions that are used to automate processes. They are electricity powered and are manually controlled (such as turning on the AC, dimming lights, managing entrance gate and cameras, operating smart appliances in a house, and so on).


Smart home refers to a residence equipped with computing and information technology devices, which anticipate and respond to the needs of the residents; these homes ensure the owners’ comfort, convenience, security, and entertainment through the upgraded technologies within the homes.

Improve your lifestyle and control your house at the touch of a button with our smart home solutions.

A smart home enhances your everyday lifestyle. You won't believe the superior level of comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency until you have experienced it for yourself. 

This Is What We Do:


Options 1

Newly Built


All our new homes are built using ICF building system for a perfectly insulated and energy efficient home that saves your money. They are full automated homes. This includes: A bore hole, a complete solar home system, smart security system, smart home management and control system and device, smart lighting, smart locks, smart plugs and swtches, health monitor and CAT 6 cabling throughout the house.


The process is:

  • We make appointment  with you to hear what your needs are and also what your dream home is.
  • Gather all information including all options for your home and quote.


Option 2





We have the following packages: 


  • ENTRY LEVEL : Smart light switch, entry level solar home kit, CAT 6 Network with wifi-router, Smart hub and management system, entry level security system.


  • SEMI-AUTOMATED : Smart light switches and plugs, mid-class solar home kit, CAT 6 Network, Smart hub and management system, upper level security system with internal and external night vision cameras, door and movement sensors, 2x smart locks.


  • FULL AUTOMATED : Smart light switches and plugs, complete solar home kit, CAT 6 Network, Smart hub and management system, complete security system, sensors and smart locks, automated curtain rails, door and window sensors, gate and garage motor and remote, centalised air conditioning system...


Please contact us for an obligation free quotation. 



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We provide 2 types: RETROFIT and NEWLY BUILT

Existing homes can be retrofitted to turn them into smart homes, without much brickwork.

Newly built apartments can be made into smart homes by deploying different applications.

Smart home products have applications in almost all areas, including HVAC, lighting, entertainment, home appliances, kitchen, and healthcare, within a house.

Lighting controllers such as dimmers, timers, switches, and sensors enable the homeowners to keep a check on the lightings within the household. Energy management products such as HVAC controls, smart thermostats, smart meters, and smart plugs enable consumers to check the electricity consumption within the household using different mediums.

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